On Learning to Walk the Walk

"We could do it together?", I said.

We were on a zoom call. My friend Jacqueline and I. Her gorgeous red hair shimmered under her bright ring light. Her face sparkled with kindness. My friend Jacqueline is the happiest, smiliest person I know. My goofy grin and greasy hair were there too. On the screen in front of me. A small black crystal heart lay next to my mouse. Black Onyx I believe.

"That would be fun!", she said

We were talking about NaNoWriMo. The annual event where thousands of people around the world attempt to write 50 000 words in the month of November. Or a shitty first draft of a novel.

I've tried it a couple of times before. Never seriously though. Writing has never called me in the same way that it calls me now. The process of writing has moved into my heart. When the winds of my mind and the banging of my brain threaten to bring the house down, writing shows up with a mug of hot chocolate, a billowy cloud duvet and a reassuring cwtch. I feel calmer, and safer, when I connect with the space where writing comes from.

Over the last two years I've explored method writing. Sitting down to write with nothing on my mind. Writing like I talk. Chucking crunchy teeth and mouth into the mix. With a roll of the dice, I put my cards on the table. I show up and sometimes, when I'm lucky, creative genius shows up with me.

I've been reading a lot too. Enough to know that creative genius can only show up when I put my butt in the chair. As Steven Pressfield's new book says, " Put your ass where your heart wants to be."
In Steven King's genius book, On Writing, he stresses how important it is to walk the walk. Not just talk the talk.

Now, I can do 'talk the talk'. I am an expert at that. Walking the walk? Not so much.

Which is why, when JB Hollows Jacqueline agreed to do this with me, and to see if anyone else wanted to come along for the ride, I decided that this time, I would do my damndest to finally learn to walk.

You're welcome to join us too. The idea is a bit of accountability, a bit of camaraderie, a bit of writing and a lot of showing up for the personal process. Each of us has our own process, our own goals, our own voice. Sometimes it helps to have a little help from our friends to see what it is.

Most of us won't get anywhere near 50 000 words. Some of us might not even write every day. All of us will learn something about ourselves this month.

For me, in 2 869 words and 5 days so far, I've learnt what I like to write about. I don't have a novel in me yet. What I do have is my life, my experience and my process.

My goal is 50 000 words and showing up every day to write something creative. Put more 'out there'. Work stuff doesn't count.

That means for me, for the next 25 days, I'm aiming for 1 905 words per day.

That means, for you, that you might be seeing much more of me!

Also for you, if writing has ever called to you and up till now you've been ignoring that call, come and join us. You never know what could happen!

Here’s the link to give me your email and I’ll reply soon as I can.

And if there's something else creative that's been whispering your name, I urge you to listen. See what wisdom it has to share with you.

Much love,




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Bron Warner

Bron Warner


Simply, a Human. Also mum, wife, sister of a beloved brother who was murdered, kids physiotherapist, 3 Principles coach, soon to be founder of a CIC & Writer xx